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In which she doesn’t learn her lesson.

I really don’t have anything all that interesting to say today. Unfortunately for you. Suffering through my poorly worded blog when I have a point is bad enough.  Unfortunately for me, I am at Pilar and Brad’s being subjected to hockey (NOT my cup of tea), and have run out of people to harass via email RE: Relay For Life.  I do love harassing people. Unfortunately, it being a Sunday, I can’t really justify calling local businesses and trying to get them to help us out.

Of course, I have yet to finish reading Cry, the Beloved Country…because I’ve discovered the horrific world of Pride and Predjudice sequels. Sigh. You think I would have learned after the eye searing, brain melting, soul crushing experience that was Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy. I did not.

Thankfully, my next foray into this genre was miles above the last. But lets face it, miles would not be enough to overcome the horror of the first book.

This time around I gave Linda Bedroll’s books a go round. Marginally more interesting, and slightly better written, they held my attention just a bit longer. Maybe 50 pages worth. Where the first book (I cannot even remember who wrote it) was really badly written, Mrs. Bedroll’s were tragically overwritten, overwrought, and just…over. Something. And I am over. It.

Well except that I also borrowed a third sequel, called Mr. Darcy’s Diary, from the library. I did skim it last night and am not going to hold my breath that I’ll be able to get through that one either. Thankfully it is mercifully short.  I have to say that these books are killing my reputation as a book reader. It is very rare that I don’t finish a book. This will make three. Sigh.  All hope rests in my ability to finish Cry, the Beloved Country. We’ll hope.

Well, I should go. Parker and Paige are playing with her barn door, which means that inevitably he is going to steal her toy, bash her in the head, or try to sit in her lap. The last of which is really cute, and wouldn’t be a problem, except that he is about twice her size.

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  Maura wrote @

I love this blog because hockey is NOT your cup of tea either, but why watch hocket when you can read?

Also, I am going to die tomorrow. Doing a 1000 calorie workout without you OR Laura. DIe I say.

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