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Coming to grips with BoringLifeItis

Would this be an epic blog fail, or just a minor blog fail? I think I suffer from boringlifeitis. Which isn’t meant to imply that my life is actually boring. More, it is meant to imply that whenever I contemplate blogging again, I talk myself out of it, thinking I have nothing of interest to say.

Regardless, I think it is important to write, and write often.  I’ve been blogging for years (if you haven’t been, here is my old blog), and most of it has happened when absolutely nothing of vital interest was going on in my life.  And to be honest, I love my old blogs- I find them funny and insightful. Or, at least, an interesting chronicle of where I’ve been, what I’ve done, and how I felt about things at various times in my life.

That sounded kind of self centered.  Oh well, I’ll go with it.

Continuing with today’s laundry list of failures, I’d like to add the following- reading and writing. I get epic fails in both. Since I last blogged, I’ve not read much other than a few JD Robb’s (terrible stuff, but they fill the time without  requiring thought).  I did read The Help over vacation, which was amazing. I literally could not put it down- I think I read it in a day and a half (being on vacation probably aided in that endeavor). The whole time all I wanted was someone else to talk to about this incredible book.  Unfortunately no one else had read it, which left me babbling about it to my brother-in-law, who was most often trapped in my vicinity. Sorry Daryl.

As for writing, I’ve absolutely not been working on the book, despite promising myself I’d finish the final edit by last December. Oh yeah, that went well. I am beginning to realize that if I want others to take my writing seriously (AKA an agent) , then I need to be taking it more seriously. It can be hard at times, to be motivated to do line edits for a book when there is no guarantee that anyone other than your family and friends will ever read it.  And, lets be honest, the writing is so much more fun than the editing. Thanks to my good writer friend T.S. Welti, I’ve now started using AutoCrit, and have realized just how lazy my writing is.  I’ve become annoyingly attached to crutches- the worst offender being the -ly adverb. They are everywhere! I went to sleep last night dreaming of ways around them without relying on initial conjunctions or initial -ing words.

That is the bad news. The good news is that I’ve been working on the book again. I really want to commit to finishing this edit. I’m having a hard time gauging how long this will take, as I am editing one final time for content, as well as for writing. I’ve finished with the content of parts one and two, and am  usuing AutoCrit on section two right now- I think I spent 4 hours on two chapters last night. I’d already emailed Part One to several friends, so I am waiting for feedback before I make any more changes. To those of you who are slogging through a minefield of -ly adverbs, I apologize.

I think I’ll look into books on writing, or even a writing course. Depending on finances, time, and so and so. I struggle with productivity during the day, when I have one or two babies running around, keyboard bashing, fighting over toys , and causing generally cute mayhem. Quite often, by the time 7pm rolls around, I have completely lost the will to work on anything more complex than watching reruns of The Deadliest Catch.  Which is an awesome show. I’m just saying.

But in the non-fail column for the day, at least, we can add a nice check mark next to blogging.  It may not be pretty, but it got did. Go me.


  tswelti wrote @

Check mark next to being self-aware, also. I’ve met a great many writers over the years (it seems everyone thinks they have a book or two in them), but very few of them are aware of their writing strengths and limitations. At least you know now what you have to work on as far as staying motivated and the mechanics of your sentences.

I believe the little critic shouting insults at us from inside our heads is both our best friend and our worst enemy. Listen to his insults, learn from them, but don’t let him discourage you.

  taniamccue wrote @

Thanks Tania! You are so encouraging…that really helps. At the end of the day, regardless of the fate of this book, or any other I write, I’ll know that I wrote a book. That I gave it everything I had because I believed in myself, and it. That’s a pretty awesome legacy to leave for your kids, and for myself as well.

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