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A new title and a small trip

This blog is long over due. Of course, I meant to blog. I promise, it’s not you, it’s me.

Thankfully, I am back! I am hopeful that in the coming week I’ll have more energy- lack of has been the culprit behind my blog absence.  I’ve only worked on the MS once this week as well. However, a visit with my endocrinologist yesterday led to an increase in my Synthroid dosage, as well as the promise that I should be a bit more energetic in a week or two. There is no explaining how tired I get when my thyroid levels are off.

In more exciting news, I may have found the title to my book! I know we all call it The Beach House, but that is and has always been a working title. A) I’ve hated it from the start and B) there are tons of books out there by that name already.  I am still deciding if I like the new title. An informal poll (I asked two girlfriends who have read the book), resulted in an even split. One liked it, the other didn’t get it. Still unsure, but on the right track. I can feel it!

Other happenings; Amie Borst is having another awesome contest! If you haven’t already been assaulted by my tweets, facebook updates, or general shenanigans, this is the scoop- multiple prizes, including books and Oreo cookies. But most importantly, I could win a first chapter critique and a query critique.  Heck to the ya peeps! As I’ve mentioned before, I love Amie’s blog, and recommend that you all add her to your blog rolls, follow her, general hero worship type stuff. If you haven’t listened to my advice (and really, why haven’t you? I give good advice. And I swear, those pants don’t make your ass look fat), then please do! Go on over, admire how awesome her blog is, and leave a comment (and maybe while you are there, you can mention that I sent you). Thanks!

Last in my list of news, tomorrow I am going up to the family cottage with hubby, sis-in-law, and my two adorable nieces! I am very excited. I foresee lots of sunshine, good food, and being slaughtered multiple times at phase ten.  There is no place like the cottage for a little rest, relaxation, and family game time. I am hoping to get some editing done, or at least read some more of East Of Eden, which I have been enjoying slowly for the past week or so. I’ve been so utterly exhausted, I don’t even want to read. This is rather drastic people; at least in my world.

Perhaps when I come back, I’ll even have something profound to share.  A few days at the cottage several years ago led me to write one of my favorite poems of all time. I feel very connected and in tune when I am there. It is quiet and peaceful, the air is still and filled with the sounds of the loons and trees.  Unplugged and focused on family and rest, fun and relaxation, everything has a sort of different perspective. We shall see what happens this time.


  Mindy wrote @

LOVE East of Eden! I know you will, too!! ❤

  taniamccue wrote @

I’ve been told so many times how amazing it is. I loved The Grapes of Wrath, so I think I’ll like this one. So far I like it, but it is kind of slow. I hear it picks up though!

  amie borst wrote @

thanks for the tweets and blog posts! you’re awesome! and if for some reason you don’t win a prize, i promise i’ll do something nice for you, just because you’re that awesome! 🙂

maybe i’ll send you some of my homemade cookies – because i’d love for someone else’s a$$ to look big other than mine. 😉

  taniamccue wrote @

Hee hee. Trust me my ass needs no help 😉

It is no problem! I like your blog and am trying to motivate myself to stay on course with editing, which your contests help 🙂

  Amie Borst wrote @

all of your tweeting and blogging paid off! YOU WON!! come check it out!

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