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Some kind of crazy reading spree…

I think I’ll go for broke with this blogging business and get at least four in for the month. I think I only blogged 7 times total last year, so I am well on my way to surpassing all previous expectations. Or something.

Might I just take this moment to say that there are times when I really miss my LiveJournal? I loved my layout, I loved my little hamster, and I loved the option for what I was listening too. Now I realize I could just add that in to every post, but somehow it doesn’t feel the same. And I also realize that most people could probably care less what I was listening too when I blogged. But I do. I love being able to look back and see where I was musically at that moment. Probably because music is such a huge part of my life (not that I am a musician or anything). I just love being surrounded by music.

In case anyone is wondering, I am listening to Imogen Heap, Have you got it in you?

This week I’ve been on a reading tear. I read the Red Tent, by Anita Diamant. It was good, but at times a bit strange for my tastes. But it was beautifully written, and I loved the idea of getting to know the stories of the women in the bible from their perspective. I would recommend it with a grain of salt. I also read Northanger Abbey, by Jane Austen (who else?). I loved it. Really really loved it.  It was so much less edited than the other Austen’s, I felt like I was getting to know her real voice.  Or maybe just her younger voice? Either way, I found it at times hilarious, romantic, and interesting.

Now I am more than halfway through Emma, which, after having read the other two in a week, is quite the feat, as Emma is over 400pg long. Unlike Mansfield Park, which I must say, I dutifully slogged through, Emma is a lot more fun.  I rather don’t like Emma herself all that much, but I think she is intended to be a more sympathetic or like able character than I am giving her credit for. It helps to imagine Emma as Cher in Clueless though- makes me view her actions and attitudes much less harshly.

Although I am enjoying Emma, and have enjoyed the Austen spree, I am really very glad it is almost over. I know I must read her unfinished works and letters, but Maura and I are still searching for the best version to purchase. I have been longing to read other things for a while now. But I knew that if I strayed off the path, I’d be in danger of never returning. Especially after Mansfield Park.

I’ve also been longing to get back to the third edit of The Beach House. Speaking of which, this book needs a new name, STAT. Anyone who is reading it (either chapters or those who have the whole 2nd edit), any suggestions? Hopefully some are actually reading it lol, or this plea will be all for naught. I have to get the third edit done by March, because I’ve promised to let the book club girls read it, and it is in some kind of shabby shape right now. But I’ve been thinking about it more lately, and do so want to get back to Elle’s world.

I am off to read and relax. Parker refused to sleep at Pilar’s, so he went to bed a little later and threw my whole evening off. Poor thing was screaming bloody murder. But it was made up for by the absolute cuteness of him running into the laundry room in his pj’s, finding Pilar’s broom (he loves loves loves brooms), and staring at me hopefully with tears still on his chubby little cheeks, asking in the cutest little way, “Boom? Boom?” God I love that boy.  He got another hair cut today (A Mom’s Hatchet Job Special), and he looks like a whole new boy. So much more like a little boy and so much less like a baby.  It is such a cliche, but it really goes by so fast. It seems like time just sped up a whole lot after I had him- there is so much to love and treasure and so many amazing moments to cherish, it just feels like there isn’t time enough and soon it will all be over.

The most surprising “Mom Challenge” I’ve faced? Laundry.

Today has been the most awesome day. Not because anything particularly excellent happened to me.  It didn’t.  Nothing great really happened either. But everything seemed to go just right. For starters, I got to sleep in until 9 am. Oh heaven! That was awesome. Then, I got to go out in the arctic cold (-12 without wind chill) and go to the gym where I had an absolute butt busting workout.  I got home, played with the baby and with Dan for a while, and then- the best part of my day- I finally got a handle on the laundry.

People tell you when you have a baby that all these surprising things are going to happen. You’ll be amazed at how much you love him, you’ll be surprised by how little sleep you can function on, you’ll be amazed at how much you have to say about your child’s poop, etc. One thing I wasn’t expecting was how much laundry I would have to contend with. If you don’t have any kids, you’re probably thinking- come on he’s only a little guy, how much more laundry can he generate? Well I do have a kid, and I am still bamboozled by this.

The truth is, I don’t know. I don’t know how it is that I always seem to be in some sort of semi-panicked state of laundry mayhem. Today for example, there were three baskets of folded, semi-folded, or just heaped up clean laundry. One basket of dirty laundry, and a floor covered in both. The linen closet was piled with dirty towels , and lets not even talk about the basement. It’s not as though Parker really contributes that much more to my laundry piles, but some how, it the laundry has become a never ending cycle of guilt and work.

Thank goodness Dan didn’t have to work until 4pm, and could watch the baby while I girded my loins and tackled the beast. In doing so I managed to psych myself into a full fledged cleaning frenzy.  Which felt good. Who knew the day would come when cleaning and getting laundry done would feel so great?

And why all the hoopla about some stinky clothes? It must be something to do with all this resolution talk floating around the blogosphere (is that a word? If not, can I claim it is?). Before I went to bed last night, I was writing in my journal (amazing, I know) about all the things that I want to get done. I didn’t even get to list the big things like “write a book” or “run a 5k”. This is because the state of utter madness which has prevailed in my house had finally gotten to me.

Weird I know. But now that that madness is over (until Monday that is. Two days with both Dan and I working always leads to the house becoming an absolute disaster zone), I can focus on cooler things I’d like to do. And how to achieve them.

As far as the 5k goes, I took the advice of Roz and other friends and am doing the Couch to 5k Challenge. I started today- part of that great workout I was chattering about.  That is step one. Step two is to find a 5k in my area to join, so that I will be more motivated toward a goal.

And for the rest, I’ll have to ponder them tonight and present my plan at a later date. It is almost eight, the baby is asleep and there is laundry to be folded!