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Tale of a disappearing blogger

Yes, I am once again guilty of disappearing. I realize this is a weakness of mine- I am terrible at making a routine committment to my blog. If I swore I have a good excuse, would you forgive me just this once? Cause, I promise, this time I really do have a good reason.

Morning sickness.

That’s right, morning sickness. Lucky for me, I’ve never been the throwing up type of girl. Usually, this is awesome.  Not so much this time. I cannot swear that this is accurate, but from what I hear from other friend, when suffering from morning sickness, once you throw up, you feel better. Until the next round of course. Not so much for me. Since I never throw up, there was a good two month period where I just never felt better. Unless I was lying down with my eyes closed, a little jar of pickled ginger close at hand.

I’ll acknowledge that I am a total pansy.  There is something about constant nausea and dry heaving that completely interrupts my life, ability to think clearly, be productive, and get anything done. Rest assured, this blog is not the only think in my life that fell by the wayside. Laundry, clean kitchen, dusted rooms and shelves, all a thing of the past.

As I am officially past week 12, I felt safer in finally letting the cat out of the bag.  I am slowly trying to get control of my life again, starting today with the huge mountain of laundry which has been multiplying in my basement. I haven’t edited a word of the novel in over two months, and NaNo is just two weeks away. My best friend Jenney is arriving in less than a week for a nice visit, so things are bound to get hectic, and I’d like to be on top of the ball, rather than smushed under it.  If step one was starting the wash machine, step two is this blog post.

We shall see what the coming months bring, to this blog and my life. I still have my niece and my son to take care of during the days- he’s just two and she’s only 1.5. They bring me so much joy, but many a challenge as well! Getting ready for the next little one, keeping true to my commitments as Relay for Life Vice Chair, and making sure my family is happy and healthy, all the while continuing my journey as a writer…this is gonna be fun!


  Jennifer wrote @

Don’t you love how messy your house gets when you are pregnant. I can’t keep up with it! I, in the past, would make my bed each morning, clean the house, do the laundry and barely find time to relax. Now I am the opposite. I look forward to naptime just for the quiet! Two children has to be easier. Doesn’t help that my husband is as messy as my son and as helpful around the house. 🙂

  taniamccue wrote @

Your husband and mine must be related 🙂 I can only imagine the kind of chaos adding another child to this mix will create! Hopefully by then, the insanity will make it so I no longer care.

  Kristin wrote @

Congratulations!! It’s exciting! And I think it’s OK that some things fall by the wayside, like cleaning 😉 You won’t be remembered for cleaning at the end of your life, but rather by the memories you make along the way with those you love 🙂

I hope the morning sickness is done soon!!

  taniamccue wrote @

Gosh I hope so. Good advice to remember!

  Abbs wrote @

Hey there! I am the exact same way with my morning sickness! I am queasy but never actually get sick which just means I feel on the verge of puking allll day long. Awesome! I still have a few more weeks before I think mine will go away though.

Hire a maid service 😛

  taniamccue wrote @

I will be wishing and hoping that you do indeed feel better. I was feeling better at about week 10, but just this last weekend, oh man, downward spiral. Do not know what the deal is, but I am hoping that by the time I get to 14 weeks, I will magically be all better 🙂 Congrats by the way!

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